About the Creator

Calyn Pickens Rich (aka ‘Dr. Calyn’) is the creator and ‘mad doctor’ behind Dill comics, a comic about a kid with existential issues and a lemon stand, as well as Dining with Dana, a blog that represents the underrepresented in alternative subculture and Pwatt Institute, which chronicles life at Pratt.

African American and born and raised in Paris, she is now pursuing a degree in ‘Pseudo-Science and Technically-It’s-Art’ at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Backtracking to before-then, she attended École 42, a programming school where she created Born 2 Crash, a series of illustrations on coding through comics.

She also writes for Afropunk, For Harriet, Black Girl Nerds and others. Her work was additionally part of a collective expo at gallerie Arludik, Paris, in 2013. It is now in the permanent collection of founder Vashti Dubois’ The Colored Girls Museum in Philadelphia. She participates in and supports conventions such as Regine Sawyer’s Women in Comics, Maia Crown Williams’ Black Speculative Arts Movement and Hilton George’s Blerdcon. Calyn’s family was featured in ‘Is Paris Still a Haven for Black Americans?’ for the inaugural edition of the Smithsonian Magazine.

Scholar Deborah Elizabeth Whaley, author of Black Women in Sequence, is currently publishing a comix anthology which includes a study on her work.

Calyn can be found on Patreon and Instagram.